Yahoo – Not Your Everyday Website Funnel

Very few (if any) people know that Yahoo was originally called OVERTURE. Pay for Performance or P4P was Overture’s brain child. They were one of the first to see that the internet would become the easiest, most convenient way to shop. This, in turn, would mean that advertising would hit at an all time high due to the growing number of businesses in the arena. This foresight triggered Yahoo’s takeover.

Nowadays, it’s a given that a site needs to be very visible in order to draw visitors. Ads do more than “advertise”. Their main goal is to direct potential consumers and customers to a desired site, allowing for an increase in traffic that will funnel into sales. “Keywords” are not exclusive to Google. Yahoo also provides a service that will show a website’s or company’s ads when someone inputs certain keywords.

Yahoo offers a little known avenue for any company to increase their traffic. The more people are aware of your site or store, the more traffic and traffic means more consumers viewing your pages and products. Even a medium increase in traffic volume could have a substantial impact on your company.

Every business’ goal is a consistent, substantial flow of visitors. Over the years, many methods have been devised and utilized to ensure that people are made aware of the existence of products or services with the hopes of increasing sales. As with a brick and mortar store, the life blood of your internet-based business is visitors or traffic.

Yahoo utilizes the same principle as Google’s AdWords. They are very similar in that they both use keyword and keyword phrase searches. These searches determine which ads are shown. Whenever someone types in a keyword or keyword phrase, searching for anything, search engines spit out the results on a page. Usually on the right side of the page. This is where you see the selected ads businesses have paid to appear when specific keywords or phrases are typed in.

For example, Lets say you run a furniture retail/wholesale site. You select keywords that will prompt or trigger your ads to appear on the page when one of those keywords is searched. Say a consumer is looking to buy a chair, they type Queen Anne. If you have designated this as one of your keywords, your ad may be the one the customer sees. This simple action of selecting keywords for your products means you don’t need to fully optimize your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods and programs.

While most businesses, new to the internet, labor long and hard to get high ranking for their websites per keyword search, you can put yours on the top of the list (or at least on the first page) of a search result. This will drive traffic and visitors to your website a lot faster and increase your chances of meeting the goal of growing your business.

Very little in life is free. There are charges to integrate this service. Yahoo has several different ways to charge for their services. It could be for the amount of Keywords or Keyword phrases your ad uses or maybe the number of times people click on your ad. You can choose from many other services such as having your ad show up not only on the search engine pages, but also on third-party sites.

Third-party websites support ads having the same niche or theme as their website. The more places your ads “pop up”, the better chance your business has of increasing its customer base and spreading the word about your site or product. With more website visitors, your sales increase, which makes your investment in this form of marketing the smart choice.

With the number of internet-based businesses growing daily, it is necessary to differentiate your company from the pack by advertising. Yahoo is a great place to start. Many businesses have integrated Yahoo’s services into their marketing strategy and reaped the rewards. This underused strategy will increase your website visitors, resulting in increased profit.

It takes money to make money – one of the truer adages. While there are methods that are free or low cost, the wiser choice is utilizing a marketing service such as Yahoo offers. Results are faster and on a much larger scale. Sadly, many businesses have learned this fact the hard way.

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